Friends? Really?

Over my past few years on earth, I can proudly say that I've made my own share of friends, enemies and even "frenemies"! But one thing that I've come to realize is that to put complete trust in a "man"- {Woman or Man} is the greatest mistake a person can ever make. Even the bible says that the "....arms of flesh will fail you...." and the best thing to do is just to put your trust in God!

It gets me worked up a little bit when I see "friends" betray one another. Mind you, I have friends that I love dearly and I know they feel the same way about me but you'll never know a true friend until your friendship has been tested. I'm watching a reality show right now and to see the way people betray each other in each's absence is just disgusting!

My point in this article, if you've not gotten it by now is that it pays to stay through to your friends -  anyone you call your friend deserves you loyalty and respect, not because of them but because of you! When we stay through to the ones that love us and truly care for us we'll be at rest ourselves and you'll be able to say here are my hands as white as snow and I have nothing to hide. At one time or the other, we'll all have to trust someone other than God and hope that they come through for us, how would you feel if you were let down? So why should you let that person down?

Why should cheat on your girlfriend? Why should you betray your best friends's trust? But the other side of these question is all true. Why not? Because If you were to be in the person's shoes, you'll not like to be treated in that same vicious manner. The Bible makes it clear when it says that "...but above all these, love is the greatest gift of all". If you really do love that friend of yours, you'll not do something to hurt him or her, your parents or even your siblings. Let's make life easy for ourselves, lets love and be true to that love even when it is not convenient for us!


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