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For all my years as a dancer and a minster in the presence of God, I've never been to any auditions becasue I always felt intimidated by other dancers, I always think they are better than me so I might as well sit on my couch and watch the re-runs of "24". But that was not the case 2 weeks ago while I was on my way to work (late, as I always am) and listening to my favorite radio station K-Love. It was going to be another beautiful morning. This advert came on the radio for an upcoming audition for those that want to use their talents for Christ. I was intrigued, I had never heard of that kind of audition and since my summer was not the most fun filled and I felt the need to have total strangers watch me dance without having to patronize me, and tell me whether indeed I had something special or not. So, I decided to sign up for the audition.

All through the following days leading up to the day of the audition, I went back and forth in my head deciding whether to actually go or not. I woke up that morning still not sure what I wanted to do but as always I knew the best place to get my answer was in the word of God. So I studied my devotional and guess what the topic was? "whose voices are you listening to"?- The bible verse was Rom 12:1. The explaination might not have been on point but the topic alone was enough to get me out of my bed and straight into the shower.

I packed all my necessities and off I went to the location. As usual there was construction downtown and I got missing, I drove around for a little bit and eventually found the hotel, and then guess what? No parking space!! By now i was frustrated from getting lost, running about 20 mins late and starting to lose my patience but through it all, there was a voice inside me, telling to keep my faith. I eventually got a parking space, walk all the down to the hotel (thank God I was not wearing heels) and got registered.

There were a number of people there, not your typical American Idol audition; remeber the verse that says "but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matt 7;14. Anyway, after about 3 hours of listening and watching of some very inspiring videos, my time eventually came to audition. P:S I was so undecided about whether I wanted to go for the audition that I did not prepare a choreographed routine- so I had to free style. After I finished dancing, the scout said one of the most inspiring statements that I've ever been told in my entire life 'you are a blessing". You should have seen the smile on my face... :) I was inspired. That moment was the highlight of my summer. He asked me a couple more questions and I left. My car has not been tolled, I did not get a parkign ticket and Ihad blessed someone that day, all in the space of 4 hours!

I was very thankful to God that he led me to the audition. It was indeed a wonderful experience. Has I write this piece, I'm waiting to hear back from them tomorrow...If I get a call back - awesome! If I don't, it still would not matter because God has shown me again the reason for my existence! To bless souls, minster to people, preach the gospel and shine the light! Thank God for his blessings. Be inspired today, to that which God has called you to do... remember, 'many are called but few are chosen" Matt 22:14 ...why not be the chosen one?

I'll let y'all know when I get a call back ......if I do get one ..... :)

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