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Hey Guys! Before you read this post I suggest you read the main article on "Be Inspired". This is a follow up article.

So, like I said the other day, I was hoping to get a call back from those that I auditioned with and infact, I did get a call back. The problem however is how to fund the program.

After I got the call back I told them to give me sometime to talk to my parents about it and that they could call me during the week. Well, I did tell my parents about it and surprisingly, they were very supportive and willing to pay for the program. That was on Sunday night/ Monday morning. A week as gone by and I'm yet to receive a phone call from the people involved in this program. This is a legit program with evidences to show for but once I did not hear from them, I just started re-thinking the whole thing. I Googled and read articles on those that have had similar experiences and at the end of the day, I decided to just let it be for some time.

I thought about it and also prayed and decided to just wait and see if they seek me out. If they do, then maybe it would be worth pursuing but as of right now, I don't think I'll be getting into the program.


Be Inspired!

For all my years as a dancer and a minster in the presence of God, I've never been to any auditions becasue I always felt intimidated by other dancers, I always think they are better than me so I might as well sit on my couch and watch the re-runs of "24". But that was not the case 2 weeks ago while I was on my way to work (late, as I always am) and listening to my favorite radio station K-Love. It was going to be another beautiful morning. This advert came on the radio for an upcoming audition for those that want to use their talents for Christ. I was intrigued, I had never heard of that kind of audition and since my summer was not the most fun filled and I felt the need to have total strangers watch me dance without having to patronize me, and tell me whether indeed I had something special or not. So, I decided to sign up for the audition.

All through the following days leading up to the day of the audition, I went back and forth in my head deciding whether to actually go or not. I woke up that morning still not sure what I wanted to do but as always I knew the best place to get my answer was in the word of God. So I studied my devotional and guess what the topic was? "whose voices are you listening to"?- The bible verse was Rom 12:1. The explaination might not have been on point but the topic alone was enough to get me out of my bed and straight into the shower.

DProdigal Child?

Wondering how I came about the name? I'm at a phase in my life where all I can just do is thank God for his grace and mercies because his compassion as never ceased in my life.

My Dance Ministration

My dance to Forever Jones - He wants it all

Hello World!

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In my "short" existence in this world, I have come to realize that without God, we are all nothing. We can say what we want and do what we want but when it comes down to it, there is a greater power that sees to our day to day activities and that power is God.

I will write about entertainment, dance, acting, music, the bible, messages from the bible, relationships, sex, fun, love, and everything that you can think of! I'll also write about my journey through law school, a great experience that I will cherish each day of my life. I love to share with people my thoughts, dreams and aspirations and I hope y'all will learn from my page.


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